Frequently Asked Questions
What is your process?

The process will vary depending on the type of renovation but generally we follow the following process:

  • Initial in-home consultation 
  • Free quote including a ‘starting point product selection’ 
  • Refine quote and product selection
  • Final quote and design 
  • Meet with your supervisor
  • Renovate!
How long will the renovation take?

This will vary depending on the scope of the renovation work. However, the time frame is generally 4 working weeks.

What will your quote include?

Our quotes include everything from skip hire, a selection of products, demolition, tiling and final fit out. We can also quote on any structural changes within your home.

Do I get a warranty?

Yes, a 5-year warranty on all workmanship and supplier warranties on all materials.

Will you take precautions to protect the rest of my home?

Prior to commencing the renovation, we ask that you remove or protect any furnishings or valuable items in the vicinity of the work area. On arrival, the team will lay protective floor covering. During the renovation, we will take care to keep dust to an absolute minimum, however dust will occur during the renovation works. The work site is cleaned (as much as is reasonably possible) daily.

Does somebody oversee my renovation?

There is a Project Manager along with office staff to liaise with trades and keep your renovation running smoothly.

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